How To Find The Perfect Job Fit As A Veteran

Just A Veteran Trying To Find The Right Job Fit

As a vet who’s held six jobs since I separated from the Air Force in 2012, all of which were in different fields, I can honestly say I have a good feel for what is considered being satisfied with what you do for a living. My positions ranged from a Ramp Agent at Piedmont Airlines (Transportation Industry) to a Client Advocate for Freedom Debt Relief (Financial Industry). I’ve been paid minimum and I’ve been paid some pretty hefty bucks. There were some great bosses and supervision, and there were some I felt weren’t worth the stress of working for (harsh, but true). With that being said, here is a list of things you should heavily consider as a veteran when trying to find the right job fit.

Discover Your Passion(s)

I want to stress this isn’t the same thing as discovering what you’re good at. For example, I’m really good at empathizing with my customers and clients, but that strong soft skill didn’t equate to personal happiness at my job at Freedom Debt Relief. Although great at connecting with people and de-escalating problems, the stress of overbearing, irate clients on the phone worried about being sued by their creditor was too much. It was enough to have me seeking a something different despite the excellent pay and great leadership the company provided.

Instead, focus on things you truly enjoy doing, whether you’re good at it or not. If you’re fascinated by crime scene investigations, law and order, and the criminal justice system in general, try looking for employment as a security guard (in-house or contract). Maybe while doing that, use your resources to search for schools or programs that give you some training in law enforcement to further advance in your passion and goals. Many of these programs accept your G.I. Bill.

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I enjoy being around fruits and vegetables. I like to learn about the different kinds of a single type, where in the world it’s grown, whether or not it’s organic, how it was grown, and all that good stuff. I even enjoy simply being around the vibrant colors of fruits and vegetables. For all of these reasons, I sought employment handling fruits and vegetables in some form or fashion.

Best Job Fit For Veterans Produce Clerk
My baby (the vegetable wet rack). The fruit tables look even better.

I’m very blessed to say I now work as a Produce Clerk at my local Safeway while simultaneously building up my Holistic Health coaching business. Although I don’t get paid as much as I did at my previous place of employment (Freedom Debt Relief), the work itself is not nearly as stressful. I get a full night’s sleep, feel energetic and enthusiastic during the day, and come to work genuinely happy and ready to display some well-culled, scrumptious-looking fruits and vegetables for my customers.

Once you get a feel of exactly what it is you enjoy doing and separate that from what you’re good at doing, from there you can begin researching jobs related to that.

Find A List Of Places Hiring Veterans

Luckily for you, I’ve already done most of your homework! Provided in this link is my favorite list to go to when I feel it’s time to move forward in my professional career. You wouldn’t believe the amount of companies actively seeking veterans like yourself to be a part of their team. Even better, you wouldn’t believe just how much of an impact your veteran status on your resume has on almost any employer. For example, even if the skills you used for your military job don’t directly correlate to the position you’re applying for, employers still see military experience as leadership experience. They also immediately know they’re getting someone with discipline and a self-starter attitude.

Image result for mission veterans job
Veterans Jobs Mission. Literally hundreds of companies looking for YOU!


Be Open To Change

The most important thing I want you to get from this article is that you have to be open to change. As a young service member fresh out of the military, you have the world at your fingertips. My articles and services are mostly geared towards my specific clients (single newly transitioning veterans) but this tip applies to everybody.

We may not be able to see it right now, especially during a time of transition and such a life-changing decision as separation from the military, but a lifetime is a loooong time. Take advantage of that. Use this newfound freedom to truly discover yourself and what you would like to do for 8-10 hours out of your day that you would actually enjoy. Even if you initially get it wrong (remember, I’ve had SIX different jobs in SIX different fields since separation!), keep that resume sharp and up-to-date, always add to it and never rule out moving on to bigger and better things!

Part of my Health Coaching service is 1-on-1 resume-building sessions focused on structure and what employers look for, so always feel free to reach out to me at provided in the last paragraph for any questions!

Find The Right Job Fit For You!

Even when it seems like you may have made a mistake by separating from the military or feel like you’ll never find your calling in the civilian world, the key is to never lose sight of what you genuinely enjoy. Even if that means working a job you’re unhappy with for a few months while you plan your next move, try doing something related to what you want to do. For instance, you could always read up on a job or position to prepare for it or even volunteer to get yourself some free experience. No matter what you choose to do, remember that no decision is permanent in regard to your future and the rest of your life!

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3 Reasons The Textbroker Site Is Worth A Try

It’s Great For Getting Your Feet Wet

Like any form of a content mill, Textbroker has its pros and cons. For starters, it’s excellent for keeping a little chunk change in the pocket. And I mean chunk change. Although overall reviews for content mills aren’t well, the Textbroker site is pretty handy. Not to mention it’s quite fun. Here I’m going to explain 3 reasons Textbroker is more than worth a try!

1) It Constantly Has Work

I’ve experimented with quite a few content mills, and not many of them can compare to Textbroker in terms of sheer volume of content. Whether you’re beginning as a 2-star writer or you’re an expert 5-star writer, there is almost always content to write. There are plenty of topics to choose from, ranging anywhere from business and tech to health and travel. The list stretches on and on, leaving plenty of content for writers to choose from while allowing them to stay within their niche(s).

Image result for textbroker

2) The Pay Is Relatively Fair

Hey don’t laugh, I said relatively! Writing on Textbroker is not something to make a living on unless you’re paying little to no rent and barely having any living expenses. Instead, the site is more for keeping some change in the pocket without biting too much into your day job. Most content mills pay no more than about 1.99 cents a word, sometimes less. At 500 words an article, that’s about a good chunk of your time gone for a pack of gum.

The best thing about Textbroker is that even beginners can start at around 2-3 cents per word. Even though this isn’t anything to jump with glee about, if you take the time to do about five or six of these by the end of the week, you’ll have accumulated a respectable figure, and it can lead to my third pro….

3) The Textbroker Site Allows You To Quickly Rank Up To The Next Level

Of course with this comes the pay increase too! The best part is that you don’t even have to write many articles to level up in rank. Textbroker has a system where they randomly select one or a few of your articles periodically to check for readability and simple grammatical things you should already know as a writer. Once they determine whether or not those samples are up-to-snuff with their standards, you’ll be notified on the site. You can even link your email to Textbroker and receive notifications that way as well (recommended). It only took about two or three articles for them to move me up to the next level. By this standard, you can see how quickly you can move up on Textbroker and start earning more.

The Textbroker Site Is What You Make Of It!

This site has all the tools for you as a writer to keep some money in the pocket and your head above the water. Initially, when I started, I was just transitioning from one day job to another and the checks were nice and spread apart. Struggling, I applied for Textbroker (the whole process only takes about 2-3 days), sent them a sample, and was on my way to cranking out some articles. With so many topics to choose from, this soon became less of an extra load on my plate and more of a fun hobby that pays a little.

Believe me when I say there are countless better ways to earn money writing online. Of course, it will take some time and serious effort on your part to make it come to fruition, but it is well worth it when things really start clicking. In the meantime, however, the Textbroker site is one of the top recommended content mills out there, and for good reason. If you need a little extra change or a little bar money this weekend, there’s no reason to not give this site a try!

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