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New to or out of touch with the supplement game? This post goes over my personal recommendations for supplement stacks for beginners.

My Personal Recommendations For Supplement Stacks For Beginners

My list of supplement stacks for beginners is based on purely on the routine that I use to get back in the gym. As you know, there are countless supplements out there and for different purposes. Many of these products and supplements are outstanding, but most aren’t necessary to when all you’re doing is getting back into a gym routine after a long absence.

All I really need when getting back into a routine are a few things: protein, creatine, and pre-workout supplements. The hardest part of a workout out is gathering enough motivation to get started. This is where pre-supplements come in and why I often buy one before getting into an exercise routine again. Energy (or lack thereof) is the primary reason I become sedentary.

Protein is another one I always buy. My choices for supplement stacks for beginners wouldn’t be complete without a good protein supplement or three. Protein is critical for active people to prepare the muscle tissue torn during the exercise process. It also aids in recovery. Many people question when, how much, and how many times to take protein. The short answer to that is there really is no right or wrong answer. Some people take a single scoop before and after a workout. Others consume their protein only after the workout. I personally do the former. A couple of other things I prefer to do with protein are to take it in the form of a weight gainer and drink a shake before bed. Each protein powder has ingredients and properties that make them digest at different rates in our body. Whey protein is for quick absorption whereas casein protein takes longer to digest. This makes the latter suitable for bedtime to avoid muscle breakdown overnight.

Creatine is actually the least important on this list if all you’re doing is looking to get back into a routine rather than full-on bodybuild mode. I chose to add this to my list of supplement stacks for beginners because creatine increases muscle and size. Even when I’ve taken a long hiatus I always get right back to muscle growth. Creatine not only increase muscle and size, it also helps your muscles recover quicker. This is something I notice in my workouts when I’m not as sore as when I don’t take creatine. Whether you choose to add creatine to your stack or not, there are many good options out there. Some brands even have excellent flavors, so much so that they nearly taste like Kool-Aid packets. They can come in both powder and pill form which this list includes both. No form is better than the other. It’s just a matter of preference.

Supplement stacks for beginners can be simple. Here are my top picks in the mentioned categories above and the Amazon links taking you to the product.

My Pick For Protein Powders:

Whey Protein Powder:

  • Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder (Amazon’s Choice)- Amazon
  • MusclePharm Combat 100% Whey Protein Powder- Amazon
  • EAS 100% Pure Whey Protein Powder- Amazon
Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder (Amazon's Choice)-
Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder (Amazon’s Choice)

Casein Protein Powder:

  • Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Casein Protein Powder- Amazon’s Choice
  • Dymatize Elite 100% Micellar Casein Slow Absorbing Protein- Amazon
  • MuscleTech Nitro Tech Casein Gold 100% Protein Powder- Amazon
  • Cellucor Micellar Casein Protein Powder, COR-Performance Series- Amazon

My Choices For Creatine:

Creatine Powder:

Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Monohydrate Capsule- Amazon's Choice
Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Monohydrate Capsule- Amazon’s Choice

Creatine Pill Form:

  • Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Monohydrate Capsule- Amazon’s Choice
  • GNC Pro Performance AMP Amplified Creatine- Amazon
  • Kreatin(TM) – Pure Creatine Monohydrate Supplement- Amazon 

My Choice For Pre-workout Supplements

  • Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre-Workout- Amazon’s Choice
  • Cellucor C4 Original Pre Workout Powder Energy Drink- Amazon
  • BSN N.O.-XPLODE Pre-Workout Supplement- Amazon
Cellucor C4 Original Pre Workout Powder Energy Drink
Cellucor C4 Original Pre Workout Powder Energy Drink

My Choice For Weight Gainers

  • TRUE-MASS by BSN- Amazon
  • Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Weight Gainer Protein Powder- Amazon
  • MusclePharm Combat XL Mass Gainer Powder- Amazon


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Optimal Living

Maximizing Your Health and Happiness: An Idea of What Optimal Living Is

What is “Optimal Living?”

Optimal living is a theme you’ll begin hearing as my client and reading more often in my posts. It’s the perfect phrase to describe your own overall bio-individual health and wellbeing, tailored to what you want. No, it doesn’t have to mean switching to a straight vegan diet, but it could mean adding more vegetables to your diet. Living optimally can also mean your gauge of overall happiness and wellbeing based on stress, sleep levels, and other factors in your life. Seeing as we literally are what we out down to our very cells, it’s clear that one of the first things to get right when beginning your journey is getting optimal nutrition from your food. Believe it or not, food also has an impact on your hormones, nervous system, immune system, as well as many other important functions that holistically comprise of who we are.

Breaking Down Optimal Nutrition

Food belongs in what we at IIN call the Secondary Nutrition group. This is the actual food we put into our body, whereas the Primary Nutrition group focuses more on holistic health. I’ve studied Nutrition for over five years and can honestly say that I’m confident in what I know in terms of which vitamins and minerals our body needs. My year at IIN introduced me to literally hundreds of different diets, all designed for a specific purpose. However, my focus is primarily on the diets that give us optimal nutrition. What I mean by this is examining factors such as: What’s your family history of certain chronic illnesses/diseases? Where at in the country/world do you live? How often do you go to the gym? Is your job physically demanding? Are you vegan/vegetarian? By answering these questions, I get a good idea of what kind of nutrients you’re currently taking in, where you may be deficient, and what you may need more of based on current diet and physical activity.

One of my favorite subjects is food. It’s a big reason I got into the nutrition field. In fact, I love food so much, I expanded my knowledge into learning how to cook and locating places in a new town to try new foods and beverages (“good” or “bad” food). Being a Health Coach means I can eat whatever I want to eat and live the way I want to live as long as I am mindful. This means as long as I have a clear goal of what want to make me happy and I have the general knowledge to make my own healthy choices, I’m free to eat what I wish.

Optimal Living Through Secondary Nutrition

To give you an example of this I’ll use my typical daily diet. I eat a mostly plant-based diet because I wish to clear up my skin, boost my immune system, gain and maintain energy throughout the day without coffee, and keep unnecessary body fat off. My diet consists mainly of at least three leafy green salads, greens, and a little bit of chicken meat. I make a deal to eat like this for the whole eight hours I’m at work. This means I always make sure my food is packed for the next day. After my eight hour window and I’m home, I’m free to eat whatever I want. But by the time I’m home, I’ve already consumed most of my energy from healthy foods, and my desire for other foods is limited.

Optimal Living Through Primary Foods

Living optimally goes legions farther than just adjusting your diet. You can eat all the kale you want to, but the truth is if other areas in your life aren’t right, i.e. relationships, work, lack of physical activity, and spiritual/interpersonal misguidance, then you’re not going to be functioning optimally. And when you’re not functioning optimally (stress making you irritable, depressed, anxious, worried, etc.), you’re not in optimal health. It even becomes physiologically evident sometimes when we’re so stressed out that we break out into hives or shingles, for example. As cliche as the saying is, we truly aren’t meant to pay bills and die. There’s a reason diagnoses such as anxiety and depression are so high in America. We work ourselves into bad health. And when we’re not working, we add our own unnecessary stressors to our lives. That may be in the form of a toxic relationship that requires strength and clarity to move on from. Or it can be in the form of a dead-end job that’s just not fulfilling to you.

Where My Passion For Health Coaching Lies

In my mind, this is the fun part of my job. I enjoy listening to my clients talk about their stresses with complete confidentiality. It’s important that I listen to what they do for a living, the relationships in their lives while asking high-mileage questions that get to the root of what’s truly the stress barriers keeping them back from an optimal life. From here I start asking questions about how he/she would prefer certain situations be, allowing them to come to their very own conclusions. These high-mileage questions also help us get to their true desires: what really gets them excited and up and going. That could be more traveling, for instances (I’m currently working travel resources into my 1-month curriculum!). It could also be going out and connecting with nature more. Or going shooting more. Maybe it’s simply spending more time with friends and loved ones. Whatever they are, these are the true things that keep a soul thriving. Guiding my clients towards this level of clarity and ultimately freedom is what I live for. I just know the feeling of discovering my passion too well to not share my excitement and knowledge.

What’s your idea of optimal living? How do you envision your life? What are some unnecessary stressors you know you can get rid of like right after reading this? Comment below or email me at for questions about my health coaching services. Follow me on Twitter @Anthonyjrich11 and my FB page by the same tag!

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Horizon Air at Alaska Airlines

Back in the Airline Industry

This Time It’s for Horizon Airlines

A buddy of mine from Piedmont at American Airlines once told me the airline industry’s addictive. We’d both just been hired and were going through orientation. The only difference was he’d already been in the industry before, whereas I was brand new. This being my first job since getting out of the Air Force, I was just excited that my efforts paid off.

And boy did they.

When I first applied for the position at Piedmont, I hadn’t really explored the travel benefits. I’d heard about people in the industry flying around the world for free before. I just figured it was more of a too-good-to-be-true sort of deal. It was only when I received the official offer and went on to the onboarding process that I began to realize what was in store for me. The recruiters and onboarding members went on and on about the travel benefits. They told colorful stories of different adventures they’d gone on by flying standby. I was just in complete awe.

And Thus Marked the Beginning of My Love for The Airline Industry

Once out of training and officially on the clock, I began with a simple, short trip to San Francisco. I was with an ex of three years, and the domestic partner benefits extended to her. We chose San Francisco because 1) I’m a die-hard 49er fan 2) I’d been there once before and I’d told her how beautiful it was there 3) This flight commonly guarantees standby seats back home.

It was crazy to think I was there for free. Just hours ago we were at Sky Harbor sipping on margaritas. Next thing we know we’re at the famous Pier 40 eating clam chowder from a bread bowl and sipping on margaritas. What was even crazier was that we were initially planning on traveling to Hawaii. Unaware of how the system worked at that time, a coworker talked me out of it. He noted I wouldn’t make it back in time for work. We decided to let those seats go and instead chose San Franciso. But we were far from disappointed, and damn if it wasn’t an amazing experience.

Brief Hiatus

About six months into working at Piedmont, a combination of school, another job, and maintaining a struggling relationship began to consume a considerable amount of my time and energy. Since our trip to San Francisco, we’d only been to Santa Barbara, CA, San Diego, and Ogden, UT. The physicality of the ramp job in that scorching Arizona heat had taken its toll on me physically and mentally. The stress was honestly wearing on me. I’d rather have been home much of my free time. A few more trips to San Francisco later, the ex and I had decided we were long overdue for something more exciting. Her birthday was coming up in about a month, so I decided to really do some planning and put these benefits to good use. Before you know it, we’re poolside at a local hotel on Grand Cayman Island with a stunning view of the infinite turquoise ocean, sipping on margaritas.

My Separation from the Airline Industry Was Only Brief

Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances forced me to choose between the amazing world the airline industry has to offer or the job that paid the bills. On August 2016 I put in my two weeks notice at Piedmont. Believe me when I say it was one of the toughest decisions I had to make in life. Here I was blessed with a golden second opportunity to take advantage of traveling cheaply (the first being the Air Force) and I didn’t even do that. I allowed my toxic relationship, school, and work to consume my time and energy.

I ended up moving on from that security job to bigger and better things, but neither filled that void like the airline industry. The excitement of seeing giddy passengers every day, knowing they must be on their way home or on vacation. The rewarding feeling of knowing you damn near did the impossible physically to load up that quick turn flight and send it on its way on time. Knowing that through all of that hard work and effort, I’ll be in another state or another country when the weekend rolls around sipping margaritas.

I’m Baaaaaaack!!!

I’m proud to say I am now part of the Horizon Air Lines family, a subsidiary of Alaska Airlines. After over a year out of the industry, I’ve been given a third chance, and dammit the third time is always a charm. I’m more confident than ever that because of the amazing stories I’ll be able to tell from adventures, and the people I’ll connect with along the way, including the new veterans and clients I’ll now have more access to, thus completing a piece to the larger goal of expanding my health coaching services, that I’m on the right path.

I love to pass on resume and interview tips as I constantly tweak my work. If you’re interested in getting a few resume, cover letter, and interview tips, please leave a comment or email me at for my resume-building part of my health coaching services. Also, be sure to follow me on my Twitter @Anthonyjrich11 and my Facebook page by the same name!

Road Trip to Olympia, Washington.

Road Trips Through Washington State the Unconventional Way

I Took A Road Trip Today.

It wasn’t your typical road trip though. Recently I left my temporary job to pursue something more related to my field (health coaching) now that I’ve officially graduated. Today marks a full month since I’ve been on the job hunt. There have been some downs, but plenty of pending ups. It’s been tough at times, especially when the savings dwindle and you’re not where you want to be just yet. No doubt the month has been trying. However, there have been some silver linings, although it took plenty of mental willpower to see it. The best part of my job search adventure isn’t what one may normally think when you think of job searching though.

Since moving to Washington, unforeseen circumstances (vandalism leading to subsequent towing of my car) led me to rely heavily on public transportation, i.e. taking the bus or the Sounder everywhere I go. This has proven to be one of the most rewarding experiences since moving to the beautiful PNW. Of all the places I’ve been in my life, and I’ve been to quite a few places being military, nothing compares to the Pacific Northwest. From the plush green coniferous trees to the endless bodies of water, all the way to the elegant mountain ranges that surround the area, there isn’t anywhere else I’d currently want to live at the moment.

Washington State’s Beauty Can’t Be Matched

Washington state fits perfectly with my personality as well as represents everything holistic health stands for: the great wide open outdoors and a perfect place to connect with nature, all while honing a peaceful state of mind. I use each bus ride as a time to delve into a meditative mindset. I get on the bus, backpack in hand as always and full of resumes, DD214’s and all that good stuff, go over interview routine for 5 minutes, then tune out of my mind and focus on breathing and being present in the moment. Washington is just too damn pretty not to do so.

As I focus on my breathing, I become very mindful of my surroundings: the people in the bus from different walks of life, the traffic on the road representing the typical hustle-and-bustle of American life, the color of the leaves on the trees (right now many are leafless due to the changing season), the random bodies of lakes and rivers we ride by, the majestic mountains in the background with Mt. Rainier ominously looming over the landscape. Washingtonians, be very thankful for where you live. You won’t find this kind of beauty anywhere else in the country.

Of course, those from places like the Rocky Mountain area and Appalachians may beg to differ, and it’s certainly debatable. I just know there’s nowhere else on the mainland you’ll find a place with so much geographical diversity, down to the 5 active volcanoes that speckle the lands here.

Nope. And I guarantee that much.

Studying holistic health forces me to practice it as well. That means practicing techniques like deep breathing and meditating to bring me to a mindful state. Don’t get me wrong, Arizona, where I come from, is beautiful land in its own right (nowhere else will you find brilliant pink sunsets and open, golden skies). But Washington…..I just can’t get enough of that green (and noooo not that “green,” although certainly a perk for this here veteran).

Take A Step Back. Focus On The Present. Count Your Blessings.

Even though the job hunt still continues, I’m not at all stressed anymore. This is the time to take a step back from the hustle and appreciate where I am not just geographically, but in life. This past month has allowed me to stop and think about just how far I’ve gone, especially considering where I was last year physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Once a modest lost soul in life, through humble perspective, I’ve really come into my own and have learned to appreciate the finer things in life, as cliche as that sounds.

Parting Knowledge and Call-To-Action:

My advice to you if you get nothing else from this post is to take a step back from the busyness and stress of life and really look where you are in every way. Count your blessings, because believe me when I say it can be a hell of a lot worse. As someone who has to listen and observe for a living, I’m more than interested in hearing others’ personal experiences with their location, whether if it’s where you’re from or somewhere you just moved. Please share any experiences or tips in the comments! Also, for holistic health tips and posts related to travel, job search, and social awareness, and overall feel-good posts (lame, I know!) be sure to follow me on Twitter @Anthonyjrich11 as well as my Facebook page by the same tag!

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Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

What a Health Coach Can Do For You

Not many people are aware of exactly what a health coach is, much less what they do. As a Holistic Health Coach, I take massive pride in my services and the versatility it gives me. In no other field can I think of can I guide people towards their health, fitness, and career goals while also helping them discover themselves on a spiritual level. In this article, I’m going to talk a little bit about my services and what we as health coaches can do for you.

Achieve Your Health Goals

At the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, one of the rules we live by is bio-individuality: every person is unique, and no one person’s body responds the same. What this means is what works for one individual may not work for another. As a matter of fact, that same routine that helped Joe lose weight may actually make John gain weight. This is why it’s imperative as a health coach for me to really listen to my clients and get a good understanding of what my clients’ goals are and what they’ve said worked in the past for them.

Examples of health goals include getting better sleep, feeling more energetic throughout the day, waning off of coffee or sugar, and feeling less stressed among other things. How do I help my clients with these sort of goals? By listening to them during our one-on-one health coaching sessions and getting a good feel for what will work for them based off of what they’re telling me.

Health Coaching Through a Series of High-Mileage Questions

For example, if I have a client who wants to feel more energetic throughout the day, I ask a series of questions getting to the root of what’s causing their sluggishness throughout the day. For instance, I’ll ask what they’re eating for breakfast. If they’re not eating breakfast at all due to a strict time schedule, I start there. Then I ask what their work hours look like. From the clients I’ve had, most of the time the reason their sluggish through the day is because their circadian rhythm is thrown off. They may be on a swing or mid shift which takes its toll on the human body after an extended period of time. I then ask them (notice I don’t tell them to do anything) if there’s any way they’d be able to switch with someone from day shift. If that’s not possible,  I move forward with some suggestions for what they can eat and drink, such as more green tea and mixed nuts throughout the day.

Identify and Reach Your Fitness Goals

Helping my clients reach their physical goals goes beyond just shedding a few pounds or packing on Ronnie Coleman-like muscles. I ask specific questions about their goals to help them better reach clarity. For instance, If I have a client who wants to gain more muscles, I ask him or what kind of muscle are they looking for. Do they want the buff kind of look or the cut and shredded look? Whichever one they choose, I then ask why that particular look. This helps them to better understand their intentions behind their goals. With clarity, they’re more likely to stick to the plan we’ve written down and go through with it.

Clarify Career Goals

This is part of my service is one of my favorites. As someone who’s gone through quite a bit of career changes after separating from the Air Force, I know firsthand just how hard it can be to pinpoint exactly what I want to do. Careers goals can include simple entry-level jobs, career salaried jobs, or entrepreneurial businesses. The clients I’ve worked with tend to have entrepreneurial goals as I ask more questions and dive into their intentions. One of my favorite questions to ask my clients about their career goals is what can they see themselves doing one year from now, then three, then five years. As they connect the dots, it becomes more clear to them what they want to do. We then start working towards a plan of action to get the ball rolling.

More Questions About What a Health Coach Can Do For You? Just Ask Me!

Of course, this is just an extremely small sample of what I do for my clients as a Holistic Health Coach. Spirituality and relationships are other areas of life I guide my clients through. Those are a bit tricky, as I’m not a Psychologist and there are things outside of my scope of practice. But what I can do is help my clients gain more clarity in where they stand in those areas. I love answering questions about what I do and reading comments from visitors to my site, so if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment. Otherwise, you can always contact me at for inquiries about my 1-month program and a free initial Health Histories Consultation!

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Whey Protein Benefits You May Not Have Even Known About

5 Healthy Whey Protein Benefits You May Be Unaware Of

Whey Protein Benefits: What Are They?

Every supplement shop has their featured protein shake, their bread and butter. In particular, whey protein is the most commonly sought after protein supplement. But why? What exactly is the craze? What are some whey protein powder benefits we should really know about?

I’m comfortable saying I’m an avid supplement shop visitor and regular whey protein user. I’ve never taken the time to really explore their benefits, however. All I know is one thing about protein powder: gains. Although there are many more whey protein powder benefits, I’m only going to list these 5 from because they’re mostly related to our fitness health. Here are some of the benefits of whey protein:

1) High-Quality Protein With Essential Amino Acids

Amino acids are key to muscle growth and gains. Packed with all of the essential amino acids, whey protein powder’s also the fastest-digesting kind of protein. What this means is whey protein is best for muscle growth. This is particularly true right after a workout. Your muscle fibers and tissue are broken down and benefit most from immediate repair post exercise. My top high-quality whey protein powder of choice is Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder. The link is Amazon’s Top Choice 5lb tub, but you can also get a smaller sample size with the 2lb tub for only $30, whereas the 5lb one is closer to $50.

Image result for gold standard whey protein
Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder, a popular choice on Amazon and in many supplement shops.

2) It Contains the Amino Acid Leucine to Prevent Age-Related Muscle Atrophy

As we age, our muscles mass and strength decline. The amino acid leucine helps to prevent age-related muscle atrophy. It is also the most muscle-building component of all the amino acids. What does this mean? Whey protein shakes contain plenty of leucine. Consuming this amino acid regularly paired with routine exercise will both increase your muscle mass and preserve your gains.

Can you say win?

3) Glutathione in Whey Protein Powder Increases the Body’s Antioxidant Defenses

Our bodies produce glutathione, a very important antioxidant. It’s a key antioxidant for your minimizing chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease. An abundant consumption of amino acids, cysteine, in particular, is required for your body to produce healthy levels. Another whey protein benefit is that it’s plentiful with cysteine. It’s just another example of how everything needs to work together in order to keep us at peak optimal performance. This cysteine supplement, Solgar- L-Cysteine 500 mg, an Amazon’s Choice, is a good quality supplement and my choice for this particular amino acid. It has 90 vegetable capsules and has Free Form L-Cysteine, making them easily digestible and absorbed.

Image result for solgar cysteine
Solgar- L-Cysteine 500 mg, 90 vegetable capsules. Excellent to have in conjunction with whey protein.

4) Whey Protein is Highly Satiating

Protein fills the stomach regardless of source. Not to mention many of us just get the downright bubble-guts anyways, regardless of which type of protein we consume. In my program, if one of my client’s goals is steady weight loss, I introduce some diet theories high in protein. This helps them to “crowd out” the bad foods by eliminating random cravings throughout the day. The great thing about whey protein powder is that you don’t always have to take it in conjunction with a workout. You can wake up early in the morning and drink one, or late at night before you hit the sack, although casein protein is best for this situation, as it’s slower digesting, therefore slowing down the catabolic process (muscle breakdown).

Image result for casein

5) Whey Protein May Have the Added Benefit of Reducing Inflammation

In the world of holistic health/integrative nutrition, inflammation may as well be public enemy #1. Inflammation is the cause of many illnesses and diseases around the world. What’s worse is that we cause internal inflammation to ourselves through poor diet choice. We weren’t meant to consume grains, sugar, and dairy at such high rates. For this reason, our bodies don’t know how to respond, often igniting our immune systems to counter some of this junk entering our bodies.

Thankfully for the gym rat, A benefit of whey protein may be that it reduces inflammation. A randomized controlled study published by PubMed in 2015 suggests that people with high levels of C-reactive protein, a regular component in inflammation, is reduced, although more conclusive studies are needed.

There Are Countless Whey Protein Benefits

These were just a few examples of the benefits of whey protein and how you can incorporate them into your daily life. To recap, whey protein powder is a high-quality protein with benefits including prevention of aging muscles, keeps you full, may reduce inflammation, and has many amino acids for muscle-building and antioxidants for immunity and disease prevention. I frequent supplement shops often and buy from Amazon often, so be on the look-out for more articles like this as I expand my online marketplace community for veterans!

If you feel I missed important information or would like to add your favorite whey protein supplement, please feel free to comment below and share this! To schedule a free Health Histories consultation and get your fitness goals going, email me at or schedule it through my FB page at!

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Proud Veteran Health Coach: My Background and Integrative Nutrition

Hello and welcome to I’m an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a proud U.S. Air Force Veteran of seven years. I became a Health Coach to fulfill my desire to keep the comradery and bond only found in the military while also serving as a guide to my brothers and sisters through a pivotal point in their lives. I decided the best way to achieve this is to develop a 1-month program to work with transitioning veterans to improve their health and guide them towards clarity as they embark on civilian life, a new and exciting chapter in their lives flooded with opportunities!

I received my training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I received in-depth training in nutrition, health and wellness, coaching skills, and business development. I lead workshops on nutrition and resume building and offer individual health and nutrition coaching to veterans entering the civilian world again.

Contact me today to schedule a free consultation!

(803) 609-7940


Integrative Nutrition Health Coach for Transitioning Veterans

Education Background:

Institute For Integrative Nutrition:

1-Year Program Covers:

  • Primary Nutrition (Relationship, Career, Spirituality, Physical Activity) and Secondary (Food) Nutrition
  • Importance of Nutrition to our Health & Wellbeing
  • 100+ Different Diet Theories
  • Healthy Eating Habits
  • Meal Planning
  • Bio-Individuality (One person’s medicine is another person’s poison)
  • Healthy Habits for Energy and Better Sleep
  • Importance of Physical Fitness to Wellbeing
  • Fitness Planning
  • Self-Care
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Benefits of Yoga
  • Meditation Techniques and Benefits of Meditation
  • Coaching Techniques and Practices
  • Business & Entrepreneurship Growth
  • Marketing Techniques and Social Media Marketing
  • Legal Business Practices and Contracts

Arizona State University:

Nutrition, Health, and Wellness Related Classes:

  • Advanced Human Nutrition I
  • Applications in Human Nutrition
  • Applied Food Principles
  • Community Nutrition
  • Cultural Aspects of Food
  • Food Services Purchasing
  • Health Communications
  • Human Nutrition
  • Intro/Plan Therapeutic Diets
  • Intro/Prof/Nutrition/Dietetics
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Nutrition Management & Leadership
  • Nutrition In the Life Cycle
  • Western Diet

Business, Marketing, and Finance Related Classes:

  • Accounting and Financial Analysis
  • Essentials of Selling
  • Macroeconomic Principles
  • Management and Strategy


Maintaining energy levels throughout the day.

3 Healthy Ways to Have More Energy During The Day

Keep Those Energy Levels Up

Having energy is not the hard part. We wake up in the morning, do our little routine, grab our cup of joe, then go about our day as perky as can be. It’s maintaining those energy levels throughout the day that’s the tricky part. Of course, there are obvious ways of keeping your energy levels high such as simply drinking more coffee, getting eight hours of sleep regularly, and midday power naps. But for the sake of understanding and respecting your efforts to maintain energy levels, I’m going to only list three unique and healthy ways to get that internal furnace burning.

1) Drink Water

Surprisingly, not drinking enough water is a common reason for midday energy slumps. Think of your body as a vehicle that needs oil regularly to keep it running or it’ll experience burnout. Dehydration can be responsible for symptoms like dry mouth, headache, and sleepiness. Staying hydrated is critical not only to your energy levels but also in keeping your system fresh. It flushes toxins from your body that too can be responsible for low energy. It’s recommended to drink regularly throughout the day rather waiting until you’re thirsty before slamming a glass or three down. What this does is keep your body refreshed and rejuvenated while also preventing symptoms of low energy levels, such as sleepiness and headaches. This also helps prevent over-indulgence in calories and caffeine, which is ironically is a frequent culprit of midday slumps because of the sugar and sweeteners that usually accompany it.

Image result for drinking water and energy infographic

2) Deep Mindful Breathing

It’s no secret that deep breathing is good for your health. Your stress levels plummet as your mind eases into a calmer state, making it nearly impossible to remain worked up or beaten. Deep mindful breathing gets blood better circulating throughout your body, which improves your energy levels and alertness. Try this 4-7-8 technique from Dr. Andrew Weil outside on your next lunch or break at work when the load is starting to catch up and you’re just ready to be home. This has such a rejuvenating effect on your mind and current mood.

3) Aromatherapy With Lemons

I write and talk about lemons frequently because they’re such an underrated and underappreciated health food. I mentioned earlier that hydrating with water throughout the day can prevent headaches and sleepiness. You can even take it a step further by adding freshly squeezed lemons to your water for added flavor and natural electrolytes. But the benefit of adding it to water isn’t the only thing that makes lemons a powerhouse for energy throughout the day. Some studies and mood assessments showed that lemons can help to improve mood by elevating norepinephrine, a hormone that can increase the number of calories burned for fuel in adipose (fat) tissue, dilate your blood vessels, and restrict gastrointestinal mobility and energy towards digestion. What I like to do is boil some hot water, put a tea bag of Bigelow Green Tea in it, and squeeze half a fresh lemon in there. The combination of the scent of mint from the tea and the lemons brewing in steaming water perks me up immediately. Furthermore, the smaller amount of caffeine in green tea, as well as its digestive and immune benefits, makes it a healthier choice than coffee.

Image result for green tea with lemon

Final Thoughts On Sustaining Energy Levels

Our world is a very fast place. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it will be slowing down for anyone anytime soon. Subsequently, an increase in sleep-deprived and stressed people in the workplace will likely continue. However, when you take good care of yourself, you can feel like a million bucks regularly. All it takes is some dedication to your home and eating habits as well as seeking out quick tips. Of course, hydration, deep breathing, and adding lemons to your arsenal aren’t the fix-all solutions. They do, however, provide simple fixes for you that you can try immediately.

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Sexual Abstinence For How Long? My Personal Experiment

Let’s Talk About Sexual Abstinence, Shall We?

Sexual abstinence isn’t a popular subject. Especially since the world revolves so much around sex nowadays. It certainly isn’t an easy thing to admit you’re committing to either. Going without sex today could actually be met with more question than respect. With apps like Tinder and POF (these are old, I know!), there are almost zero excuses to be a virgin. Well if it’s not intentional.

But the key phrase here is “intentional.” Why is it that so much of what we consider a “good night” involves hooking up with someone? Sure, I get the thrill of getting hit on by a 9/10, then going so far as to get the number, but after you get lucky, what next? For some, this is the life. I sort of answered the question myself; it’s the thrill of sex (and for men, the chase) that keeps us hooked. From the ages of about 20-23, I was all about my numbers. Especially after I turned 22 after a messy little break-up. Once I caught on to the rhythm of the dating game and the numbers were coming in, I was hooked.

Sexual Abstinence Can Be Liberating. . . Say Whaaat?

So I totally get the thrill of sex; chasing it, the act itself, all that good stuff. But what if you hit a snag in your game and now you have to go without sex for an extended period of time? Maybe you had some kind of surgery that requires bed rest and sexual abstinence for a few months. Or maybe you moved to a new town and the crowd just isn’t worked the same way as the crowd from the other place (happens all the time for us military folk). Whatever the reason, you’re now in a dry spell. But is it the end of the world?

For about 7 months now I’ve been doing a personal growth experiment as part of my journey as a Holistic Health Coach. The last time I had sex was in February of this year (2017). The reason for it is a little of everything; healing from a failed long-term relationship, finances, and focus. And what I mean by focus is that during this 7-month stretch, my priorities shifted, and I had to change focus. I went from focusing on a toxic 3-year relationship with amazing sex regularly to focusing on re-discovering who I am again. This meant separating myself from the idea that I need sex to define my masculinity and who I am as an individual. As cliche as this may sound, this shift in focus has had profound positive effects in my life. Allow me to explain.

You’ll Find A Form Of Freedom

Believe me when I say that I used to laugh at the idea of sexual abstinence. But in life, you’ll see that personal growth can happen at any stage. Right now I’m trying out an idea for my Holistic Health Coaching services that includes local cheap traveling, touring, and exploring. Basically, on my spare time, I grab my travel backpack (my buddies in the Air Force referred to it as my “Life Bag”), start walking, maybe take a bus, maybe take a bike, but I just go. I go to cafe’s, restaurants, bars, sometimes clubs, parks, lakes. You name it, I’m there.

What if I told you more self-growth can come from sexual abstinence?
What if I told you more self-growth can come from booty abstinence?

When about 10pm hits and the nightlife in Tacoma starts buzzing, I hit the bars. But here’s the kicker: I go by myself, with my nerdy purple backpack (just got a new blue one though!), my hair grown out in what can best be described as fro-twists, and my beard shaggy. Sometimes I go home, brush the teeth and wash up the vitals, and go straight out in my work clothes. Impressing nobody.

Although my appearance and gear don’t scream, “take me now,” women still approach me and chat. However, most of the time, I’m just enjoying my drink to myself, listening to the music, and enjoying being immersed in the social scene. My focus isn’t on getting laid, but rather discovering my true self in social scenes without the heavy burden of chasing sex.

So What Has Sexual Abstinence Given Me?

What have I learned from this 7-month experiment thus far? Well aside from bracing from the flack I’ll be getting from my friends, it’s a lot like trying a new diet for the first time: Initially, it’s a little rough, as the temptation doesn’t just go away just because you decided to try something different. But once you’re about a month into it, you feel liberated and see no reason to look back. I mean, why fix what isn’t broken right? I’m so focused on improving myself that I have no desire for sexual satisfaction at the moment.

The biggest blessing that’s come out of my sexual abstinence experiment is that I am literally me at all times. There’s no hidden desire to impress anybody. No fear of saying the wrong thing and risk not getting laid that night. I don’t have to worry about my breath (although I still always carry Orbit), my unpopped collar, or whether or not the drink I have in my hand is perceived as “manly enough” for the beautiful but drunken lady across the stool from me. Nope. None of that. It’s just me speaking the way I speak, looking the way I look and acting the way I act. I am literally free and doing me in every way, and there is ZERO pressure to impress and please nobody else but myself. Through 27 years of life, I’ve never felt this kind of freedom.

You’ll also see that you gain respect for yourself for not giving in to desires. It shows you have willpower, restraint, discipline, and focus. It’s a rewarding feeling when you discover such powerful traits completely on your own.

Battling The Urge Is Worth The Personal Reward

Sexual abstinence isn’t for everyone, and in no way was this article meant to judge singles who have sex regularly. As one who’s previously pursued and partook in that lifestyle for a couple of years, I can personally vouch for the thrill of it. It’s not just about the sex; it’s about the crazy night, the people, and the memories, ON TOP of the icing on the cake if one got lucky that night. So I completely get that world. In fact, talking about it still gets me excited.

Honestly, I plan to keep this going for at least another year. I feel like there is so much more I can discover about myself without the distraction of chasing tail. For those looking to take that next step in self-growth and discovery, you may want to explore sexual abstinence. Man or woman, there’s no greater pleasure in the world than the pleasure being one 100% true and real to yourself. When you’re focused on that, the right people flock into your life. And who knows, when that starts happening, maybe your sex life will pick up again with the Right One?

As a Holistic Health Coach, my field of scope includes the relationships and making sure you’re getting what you need from them, including the relationship with yourself. For coaching services regarding relationship and self-discovery, please feel free to email me at or ask any questions you may have in the comments!

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3 Lower-Ab Workouts To Do From Home

Lower-Ab Workouts You Heard Of, But Have You Tried Them?

Most of us are well aware of how to get stronger, sleek-looking abs by now. We know that sculpting the core takes calculated effort and motions that you can only get from certain workouts. Unfortunately, that means machines and equipment you may only have access to in a gym. If you’re like me, once there’s been a long period of absence from the gym (about a week), it’s tough to get back in there full throttle. Sometimes it’s just easier to start from home with a couple of simple workouts first to at least get a little volume (and thus a little motivation) back. This is why I’ve slowly constructed home workouts, as I’ve fallen off the wagon to a point where I’ll be staying fit from home more often than not. Here, I’m going to discuss and show demonstrations of three home lower-ab workouts that will produce results without even setting foot in a gym.

Flutter Kicks

The flutter kicks exercise is one of my favorite lower-ab workouts to do at home for two reasons. The first reason is that you feel these bad boys when they’re done properly. The amount of energy it takes to lift the lower half of your body and move in a controlled, flutter-like motion for an extended period of time is enough to have you tap out for the day. Of course once they’re done regularly you start to get used to the burn, but believe me when I say you’ll always somewhat feel it. The second reason is that you can compound this with horizontal scissor kicks, which I will go more in detail in the next workout.

To properly perform this exercise, lie flat on the ground with your hands underneath your buttocks. Next, lift your legs about six inches above the ground. Lift your head so you can see the motion using only your neck and not your trunk. From this position, alternate kicking (or fluttering) your legs in a controlled up and downward motion. The cadence should go something along the lines of, “1, 2, 3, ONE! 1, 2, 3, TWO!” with the reps usually ranging from 10-15. Here is a YouTube video demonstration of a properly executed flutter kick:

Horizontal Scissor Kicks

The second lower-ab workout from home you’ll really feel, and thus see quick results from is the horizontal scissor kicks exercise. This one is similar to flutter kicks in that the starting positions are basically identical. The only difference is in the motion of the workout. With scissor kicks, you simultaneously kick your feet outward and back in with a controlled motion, whereas flutter kicks are upward kicks. As I mentioned earlier, this workout can be compounded with flutter kicks. Usually, after I’ve done about 10-12 reps of flutter kicks, I stop and hold my legs six inches above the ground for about five seconds, then I switch to scissor kicks. I try and do at least 5 reps with the exact same cadence as I use with flutter kicks, but of course, go for more when I feel I can do more.

To properly execute horizontal scissor kicks, begin in the same position as you would with flutter kicks. Next, spread out your legs simultaneously (1-count), then back in (2-count), then back out (3-count), then back closed (ONE!). Repeat this motion for about 9-14 more reps, or compound them with either flutter kicks or this next lower-ab workout…

Leg Raises

Another lower-ab workout that is so simple it’s almost mind-numbing, yet at the same time just as effective as the first two is the leg raise exercise. Like the other two, you begin lying down with your hands underneath your buttocks with your feet six inches above the ground. From here, you simultaneously lift your legs up, toes pointed, directly upward to the 12 o’clock position, then slowly lower your legs back down in a controlled motion. Unlike the other two lower-ab workouts, this one is a one-count cadence. For this reason, I like to compound it with both flutter kicks and scissor kicks. First I do my set of 10-12 reps of flutter kicks. Then I actually do a combination of the latter two workouts by doing one leg raise rep, then lowering my legs down to the six-inch position and spreading them out in the horizontal scissor kick motion. After I close my legs, that’s one full rep of the combo workout. I repeat this for about 5-8 reps.

This YouTube video demonstrates in detail the proper way to do leg raises:

These Lower-Ab Workouts Will Start Bringing Out The ‘V’ In No Time

No Gym needed for these three home workouts. All it takes is some dedication, focus, and a few minutes out of your 24 hour day to make these lower-ab workouts a regular part of your daily routine. When all you have to do is wake up, do your morning routine (I like to meditate for 10 minutes), knock out the exercises, then have your cup of coffee before work, there’s literally nothing to lose and everything to gain trying them!

For questions regarding my Integrative Health Coaching services please feel free to contact me at Otherwise view more tips on lower-ab workouts from home as well as other fitness tips on my other blogs here on!

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