New to or out of touch with the supplement game? This post goes over my personal recommendations for supplement stacks for beginners.

My Personal Recommendations For Supplement Stacks For Beginners

My list of supplement stacks for beginners is based on purely on the routine that I use to get back in the gym. As you know, there are countless supplements out there and for different purposes. Many of these products and supplements are outstanding, but most aren’t necessary to when all you’re doing is getting […]

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Road Trip to Olympia, Washington.

Road Trips Through Washington State the Unconventional Way

Road trips don’t always have to be planned. Hell they don’t always have to be in a car either. Here I talk about the beauty of spinning negatives (job hunting) into positives by taking a step, being present, and appreciating where I am in life: geographically, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Washington state, I love you.

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Golden Sun highlighting the sky the night before a Solar Eclipse


Sometimes divinity speaks to you when you least expect it. It guides you through life by inexplicable chains of reactions in life that initially don’t make sense, but in hindsight makes all the sense in the material world. This time It spoke to me once again in a dream about a role model of mine.

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A quick guide to travel for the recently separated.

A Quick Guide to Travel for the Recently Separated Veteran

As much traveling as we are all required to do in the military, believe it or not, there are even more opportunities on the outside. This article is a quick guide to traveling for the recently separated, complete with useful travel links such as tips and sites with cheap travel deals.

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