What a Health Coach Can Do For You

Not many people are aware of exactly what a health coach is, much less what they do. As a Holistic Health Coach, I take massive pride in my services and the versatility it gives me. In no other field can I think of can I guide people towards their health, fitness, and career goals while also helping them discover themselves on a spiritual level. In this article, I’m going to talk a little bit about my services and what we as health coaches can do for you.

Achieve Your Health Goals

At the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, one of the rules we live by is bio-individuality: every person is unique, and no one person’s body responds the same. What this means is what works for one individual may not work for another. As a matter of fact, that same routine that helped Joe lose weight may actually make John gain weight. This is why it’s imperative as a health coach for me to really listen to my clients and get a good understanding of what my clients’ goals are and what they’ve said worked in the past for them.

Examples of health goals include getting better sleep, feeling more energetic throughout the day, waning off of coffee or sugar, and feeling less stressed among other things. How do I help my clients with these sort of goals? By listening to them during our one-on-one health coaching sessions and getting a good feel for what will work for them based off of what they’re telling me.

Health Coaching Through a Series of High-Mileage Questions

For example, if I have a client who wants to feel more energetic throughout the day, I ask a series of questions getting to the root of what’s causing their sluggishness throughout the day. For instance, I’ll ask what they’re eating for breakfast. If they’re not eating breakfast at all due to a strict time schedule, I start there. Then I ask what their work hours look like. From the clients I’ve had, most of the time the reason their sluggish through the day is because their circadian rhythm is thrown off. They may be on a swing or mid shift which takes its toll on the human body after an extended period of time. I then ask them (notice I don’t tell them to do anything) if there’s any way they’d be able to switch with someone from day shift. If that’s not possible,  I move forward with some suggestions for what they can eat and drink, such as more green tea and mixed nuts throughout the day.

Identify and Reach Your Fitness Goals

Helping my clients reach their physical goals goes beyond just shedding a few pounds or packing on Ronnie Coleman-like muscles. I ask specific questions about their goals to help them better reach clarity. For instance, If I have a client who wants to gain more muscles, I ask him or what kind of muscle are they looking for. Do they want the buff kind of look or the cut and shredded look? Whichever one they choose, I then ask why that particular look. This helps them to better understand their intentions behind their goals. With clarity, they’re more likely to stick to the plan we’ve written down and go through with it.

Clarify Career Goals

This is part of my service is one of my favorites. As someone who’s gone through quite a bit of career changes after separating from the Air Force, I know firsthand just how hard it can be to pinpoint exactly what I want to do. Careers goals can include simple entry-level jobs, career salaried jobs, or entrepreneurial businesses. The clients I’ve worked with tend to have entrepreneurial goals as I ask more questions and dive into their intentions. One of my favorite questions to ask my clients about their career goals is what can they see themselves doing one year from now, then three, then five years. As they connect the dots, it becomes more clear to them what they want to do. We then start working towards a plan of action to get the ball rolling.

More Questions About What a Health Coach Can Do For You? Just Ask Me!

Of course, this is just an extremely small sample of what I do for my clients as a Holistic Health Coach. Spirituality and relationships are other areas of life I guide my clients through. Those are a bit tricky, as I’m not a Psychologist and there are things outside of my scope of practice. But what I can do is help my clients gain more clarity in where they stand in those areas. I love answering questions about what I do and reading comments from visitors to my site, so if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment. Otherwise, you can always contact me at anthonyjrichard17@gmail.com for inquiries about my 1-month program and a free initial Health Histories Consultation!

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