1-Month Holistic Wellness Bootcamp Program

Live. Love. Learn. Laugh. Leisure: 1-Month Holistic Wellness Bootcamp Program

Week 1- Introduction/Goals

  • Introduce ourselves, where you come from, your reason(s) for joining the military, for getting out. Talk about your goals
  • Nutrition- What are some things you’re currently content with regarding what you eat? Some things you want to change? Incorporate? Take out? Are there some health concerns you’re worried about that diet could be a factor in?
  • Fitness- What are things you like regarding your current routine? What are things you want to change? Is there a certain goal you’re trying to achieve, such as weight loss, muscle gain, increase endurance, etc.?
  • Job/Career/Entrepreneurial- We explore your current plans. What’s your current track looking like? If you have a job lined up already, would you consider it your “dream job,” something you can see yourself happily doing for years? If you don’t have a job yet, we explore your interests. This is where we delve into more of who YOU are. What do you see yourself doing and loving? What are you good at? What are some soft skills and hard skills you have?
  • Relationship
    • Who are some people you cherish in your life currently? Some people who may be more toxic to you than good? How is your relationship with mother/father/brother/etc? Significant other?
    • Outline a plan to connect w/some people, strengthen existing bonds, bridge gaps, cut toxic people out, etc.
  • Internalization
    • One-on-one coaching session. During our 50-minute chat (Skype, phone, face-to-face, etc), I’m all ears. This is where you talk and discover more about yourself. How? Through a series of high-mileage questions I asked intentionally meant to allow you to dig deeper into yourself, helping you reach answers and conclusions you already know.

WEEK 2: Practice

  • Go out there with your checklist of goals and start executing. It’s facts that actions lead toward the manifestation of your goals. You’ll quickly see that the goals you once thought were impossible or would take some time are easier than you thought!
  • Record your successes.
    • Keep a file in your Google Drive or phone with a list of daily/weekly/monthly objectives. Then record the experience. Delve into how the moment made you feel when you accomplished it. Think of how it fits into the bigger picture and your next step towards your vision.
  • Internalize your actions towards goals. Be very mindful of them. What was easy about some of the steps you took? What did you like about some of those things? Ex. If a goal of yours is to get or remain cut, what’s your favorite routine? Is it the planks? Push-ups? And why do you think that is?
  • We also begin the process of resume-building and preparing you to translate your rich military skills and experience into a format civilian employers look for. Our one-on-one coaching session will involve brainstorming jobs and careers you’re interested in, look for available positions, and analyze/breakdown the job description. We also use make a list of your previous and current work experience to include your military service, go over your duties, and translate them to the jobs we picked out.

WEEK 3: Analyze/Internalize

  • Our session will focus on what you’ve achieved in the last two weeks. We’ll make a list of everything you’ve done that were steps towards your vision. What were your favorite actions? The ones that sparked the most excitement? What are some steps you can still take these next two weeks?
  • We re-visit your goals already archived, access them, and (if you’re ready!) add another goal or two.

WEEK 4: Manifestation

  • Conclusion- We go over your growth and achievements in the next month.
  • Walk away with:
    1. Clarity in all areas of life. You’ll be more aware of where you are now, important in having a clearer vision of your future
    2. A custom-made resume for a job we researched as a result of your hobbies and interest. You will be able to save this resume as a Word doc to use as a template for other jobs you wish to apply for.
  • If interested in further coaching services, we can continue our sessions on a week-to-week basis for as long as you would like the support and guidance!

Guidance. Clarity. Freedom.

As I gain more clients and get more feedback, I am better able to improve the program, adding necessary and requested tools from my clients as I grow and improve my services for our amazing veterans and heroes of this country. Thank you for your support and for helping share my program with other servicemen and women!


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